VW Passat – CQuartz Finest New Car Protection package

This very beautiful VW Passat came to us for a new car protection package with CQuartz Finest. The vehicle came to us very dirty as the owner instructed the dealer to not wash the car. This is exactly how we like new cars to come to us – untouched. The vehicle required a heavy decontamination to the paint, windows, and wheels because it spends a lot of time in transportation, accumulating airborne contamination and environmental fall out. This is why it’s important to have new cars protected.

We also performed some paint correction to the rear quarter panels as they had some moderate swirl marks and a couple of light scratches. The preparation work is key to ensuring maximum gloss and shine from CQuartz Finest. As you can see, the gloss and shine are off the charts! We also performed a CQuartz Fabric and Leather Treatment in the interior, giving the fabrics and leather protection from stains and UV damage. The best protection – period. We also applied DLUX on the wheels, trims, headlights and tail lights, and FlyByForte on the windows, including 3 coats on the windshield.