Mercedes Benz E550 – Rejuvenation Package with CQuartz Finest

The owner of this beautiful E550 contacted us about protecting the paint with something that will last a long time, and make cleaning easier. We immediately recommended a coating. After explaining the differences in coatings, he opted for CQuartz Finest. So we performed a paint correction to the paint, removing years of abuse and improper washing, then applied 2 coats of CQuartz Finest. The wheels were protected with DLUX wheel coating, windows coated with FlyByForte, and the interior was steam cleaned and detailed as well.

The result is a beautiful white car that stays cleaner for longer (gaining benefit from the self-cleaning feature of CQuartz Finest), is extremely glossy, and long lasting – All of which are most certainly fitting for the class of such a beautiful vehicle. Now this used car is a brand new car to our client!