Nissan GTR – Full body matte PPF wrap + CQuartz Finest

The owner of this newly purchased GTR approached us about protecting his paint from rock chips, but also wanted to change the look of the car at the same time. We suggested paint protection film in a matte finish, and to coat the film with CQuartz Finest to give it the hydrophobic properties and easy cleaning experience that this world-class coating offers.

The dealership was kind enough to drop the car to our facility on behalf of our client. After thoroughly washing the body, we proceeded to decontaminate the paint to remove foreign particles that attach to the paint during transport from Japan to Canada. This is a vital step to ensuring the paint is 100% clean before applying film. Our decontamination process is thorough, as it includes a physical and chemical procedure, done separately to address top layer contamination and embedded contamination. We also performed a high speed polish to the paint to remove fine surface defects and leave the paint glossy and clean. Any paint protection film application done at Make it Shine includes these steps, as we feel that preparation is the key to any successful job.

We then carefully removed side mirrors, hood scoops, emblems, and rear wing to ensure proper coverage for a true seamless install. By utilizing bulk rolls of film instead of computer cut pieces, we are able to ensure that every piece of film fits the panel perfectly, while tucking film edges for a professional look.

After a few days of intense focus and labour, the entire body wrap was completed. We also wrapped the roof and the rear wing in gloss black for a truly unique look. Following this, the matte film was thoroughly cleaned to prepare for an application of CQuartz Finest ceramic coating. Due to the fact that matte film is inherently ‘grabby’ CQuartz Finest provides a layer of hydrophobic protection and also adds a very beautiful silky look to the film, essentially enhancing the matte look. With the hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties of CQuartz Finest, the GTR will stay cleaner for longer, and be much easier to clean and maintain. A win-win solution.

In true OCD form, we removed each wheel from the car, detailed the suspension, polished the brake calipers to a high gloss, and coated them with a durable ceramic nano coating. We then airbrushed each wheel with two coats of CQuartz Finest to resist the build-up of brake dust, and offer easy cleaning on this intricate wheel design. We remounted each wheel and torqued each lug nut back to factory spec. We also applied a tough ceramic coating to the exhaust tips for easy cleaning. We also applied a super-hydrophobic nano coating to all windows for safer driving in inclement weather. Since this vehicle is going to be a daily driver, having the benefit of clear vision is invaluable.

We now believe there is not a single vehicle on the road that is as well protected as this beautifully crafted GTR. Being that it will be daily driven, we expect this treatment to be put to the test and pass with flying colours, as do all of our cars that have received the same treatment in the past.

Our team had a lot of fun with this project and want to thank our client for trusting us with his baby. We are honoured to have been chosen for this job and look forward to the lasting relationship we have built with him. Enjoy the car!