Charger Scatpack – PPF + Window Tinting + Paint Correction + CQuartz Finest

The owner of this fine-looking Dodge Charger Scatpack brought the car to our facility after picking it up from the dealership, for the best protection possible.

We began by thoroughly decontaminating the paint and assessing its condition. Many modern vehicles have paint finishes in poor condition, straight from the factory, and this Charger was no exception. As you will see in the photos, the paint severely lacked clarity and gloss, something that robs the car of it’s true beauty. Fortunately for our client, we have the skills to take even a factory finish and transform it to something beautiful.

After transforming the paint, we applied paint protection film to the full bumper, partial hood & fenders, mirrors, trunk lip, and rear bumper spats. We also tinted the windows with 30% Suntek Carbon to give the occupants UV protection, privacy, and a unique look.

Following this, we lathered 3 coats of CQuartz Finest to the entire body. We also coated the wheels, windows, trims, plastics, and film with CQuartz products as well.

Now this Charger can be fully enjoyed without worry!