Corvette Z06 w/Z07 Track Package – Paint correction, CQuartz Finest, Paint Protection Film

Last year the owner of this Z06 was referred to us by a previous client (thank you!). Prior to storing the car away, the owner came in to have the vehicle washed and discuss options of protecting the paint from further wear and tear. We analyzed the paintwork and noted areas showing higher levels of wear, and recommended self-healing paint protection film in those areas.

A year later, we scheduled our client in for a full corrective detail to the paintwork, to remove swirls and fine scratches, and then a customized track-oriented paint protection film package consisting of hood, fenders, front bumper, headlights, leading edge of roof, A-pillars, rear wing and spat, carbon side skirts & rocker panels, mirrors, and rear hatch panel.

Following this, we protected all painted and filmed surfaces with the world-class and most exclusive nanocoating – CQuartz Finest. We also coated the wheels and calipers for added protection and ease of cleaning, as well as a super-hydrophobic window coating to increase visibility in inclement weather.

Moving forward, no matter what the owner throws at this machine, it is fully protected from top-to-bottom for extreme enjoyment without worry!