Trust your paint in the hands of a true professional with years of experience and satisfied clients to back it up. Paint Correction & Polishing is our specialty! As you can see from our Portfolio and the pictures below, we are well-versed in permanently removing defects from your paint, whether they are swirl marks and spiderwebbing from bad washing & drying, scratches from a small incident, or faded and oxidized paint. If you are not sure what package you need, contact us to set up an estimate where we will inspect your car and discuss your options with a no-pressure approach.

All Paint Correction & Polishing services include the following:

  • Two-bucket decontamination wash (pH neutral, non-hazardous, low environmental impact)
  • Iron decontamination to paint, wheels, tires, and windows. Say goodbye to those ugly yellow and black dots all over your paint!
  • Clay bar decontamination
  • Thorough cleaning of tires, wheel wells, and wheels
  • CQuartz TiO2 Ceramic Coating. Upgrades to CQuartz Professional & CQuartz Finest Reserve are available (estimate required)
  • CarPro SiO2 sealant on windows, wheels, calipers, and door jams. Upgrade to CQuartz Wheels Off Detail for $500