Paint Protection Film is also known as Clear Bra, PPF, StoneGuard, or Chip Guard. In some cases it’s also called “3M” or “XPEL” when it’s really just referring to the product itself. Nonetheless, it is an invaluable technology that protects and preserves your vehicle’s paint finish from rock chips and scratches. With its clear and glossy surface, it offers unparalleled protection without hindering the beauty of your vehicle’s original finish.

With a recent flood of shops doing PPF installs, you will be wondering – “How is Make it Shine different?”
The answer is simple: We are detailers, so we pay attention to the fine details like wrapped edges, film tucked behind seals, badges and emblems removed, rolled edges, etc. Installing PPF is not just about putting film on your car, it’s about making it look great, in a way that is hard to detect. We are known to go above the norm to take steps for a clean and lasting installation. As an owner, you want to pay to do this once, and while sometimes you may have to pay for quality, it will be something you never regret.

We have access to all major films including STEK DynoShield (including their line of fashion films). XPEL Ultimate Plus, 3M Pro Series, and SunTek Ultra. We pride ourselves on providing extremely detailed installations so they are hard to notice. We do this by performing a hybrid of patterned, and ‘bulk’ installations: custom-fitted pieces of film that are tucked, wrapped and hidden wherever possible.

We also pride ourselves on our in-depth preparation procedure including a full physical and chemical decontamination and a machine polish of all surfaces to ensure maximum clarity of all surfaces being protected.

Please note that we will always cater our packages to your vehicle, your driving habits, and your budget. We want to ensure your money is put to good use instead of selling you something that does not keep your car looking new for years to come. Our packages always include badge, emblem and trim removal wherever necessary for the Make it Shine standard of install.

Below is a guideline into our pricing. We believe that certain areas of the vehicle should always be protected, so we have included vital areas such as headlights standard in all packages.

  • Full body PPF wrap (gloss): Starting at $6000+HST (Stealth $500 extra)
  • A) Full hood (custom), full fenders (custom), front bumper (all pieces where applicable), headlights and fog lights (if applicable): $1999+HST
  • B) Full hood (custom), partial fenders (custom), front bumper (all pieces where applicable), headlights and fog lights (if applicable): $1599+HST
  • C) Partial hood, partial fenders, front bumper, headlights and fog lights (if applicable): $1199+HST

Add ons:
Rocker panels: $499+HST
A pillars and roof edge: $249+HST
Rear bumper lip (aka luggage strip): $100
For a customized package, tailored specifically to your vehicle’s unique high impact zones, contact us and we will be happy to put something together for you. You will find some examples of our work below.