New Car Protection Packages – The Ultimate Choice for your new vehicle

When vehicles are transported from the factory to the dealership, they often spend weeks or months at port, where airborne contaminants bond to the paint and inflict damage that is not addressed during pre-delivery at the dealership. When the vehicle arrives at the dealership, it is often covered in dirt and iron particulates that are bonded to the clearcoat. Poor washing & drying practices instill paint defects that are deemed as ‘normal’ or covered up with heavy oils that wash off a few weeks later. Nonetheless, the dealership’s process does not include a proper decontamination and protection service.

To ensure you obtain the expected results from this service, kindly request your dealership to refrain from any new car preparation of their own. Ask that your vehicle be left in its original delivered state with all shipping plastics and coverings, no washing, tire dressing, etc. Our service is designed to ensure that no paint defects are instilled into the paintwork, and as such, we require the vehicle’s surface to be untouched. If the vehicle has any paint defects that require additional work outside the scope of our normal New Car Protection Package, there is a nominal fee starting at $450 (which the dealership may compensate you for). The paint surface must be polished and defect-free to accept the coating.

Our goal is to ensure that every surface of your vehicle is protected, to enhance your ownership experience, and enjoy a higher resale value. Our New Car Protection services save clients at least $1500 versus purchasing an inferior product at the dealership. Combine our services with Paint Protection Film for the best combination of protection you can get.

  • Starting at $1495+HST

    If you are concerned with having the most proven ceramic nano protection on your vehicle, look no further than CQuartz Professional. CQuartz Professional is a professionally applied, extremely durable, high gloss coating, providing enhancement and years of protection for your cars, motorycles, RVs, and boats! CQuartz Professional is the latest formula from CarPro, the leader in nanotech car care! Based on the cutting edge innovations of CQuartz over the past decade, their latest formula is infused with an advanced fluorocarbon composite and SiO2 (quartz), with modified nanoparticles to provide an extremely reflective shine and deep, rich gloss that lasts for years!

    CQuartz Professional offers guaranteed protection for 2 years, directly through Make it Shine and CarPro. CarPro is known for understating durability and in our experience we have not seen a CQuartz Professional install wear off yet. With actual experience, we can safely say 3-5 years with standard maintenance. This is important because other coatings with longer warranties leave you at the mercy of fine print clauses. Instead of using a warranty to sell the coating, we sell on the basis of proven results. Our warranties have no fine print, no clauses, no funny business. We personally guarantee every application, while other coatings are facilitated through a third-party insurance company that hides behind their long-winded fine print clauses. We not only stand behind our product with real world testing, but we are there if you need assistance, no questions asked.

    CQuartz Professional measures approximately 2-3 mils thick, is chemically resistant, and extremely glossy. As a result, you will also enjoy very easy maintenance and washing! CQuartz Professional also offers increased swirl and micro-scratch resistance over competing coatings on the market. Your service includes:

    • 2-step decontamination to paint, windows, wheels & tires
    • High speed gloss enhancing polish
    • CQuartz Professional on all painted surfaces and wheel faces
    • CQuartz DLUX on all trim and textured exterior surfaces
    • CarPro SiO2 sealant on wheels, calipers, windows, and door jams
    • Infrared Advanced Curing Process
    • Complimentary one-on-one maintenance talk to ensure you know how to care for your vehicle in the best way possible
    • Complimentary “Do not wash” mirror hanger
    • Upgrade to Wheels-Off Service ($500)
      • Each wheel is removed and meticulously cleaned and decontaminated
      • 2 layers of our CQuartz Wheel Treatment airbrushed on to entire wheel (including inner barrels)
      • Calipers meticulously cleaned and decontaminated
      • 2 layers of CQuartz Wheel Treatment airbrushed on to caliper
      • Surfaces are infrared cured for additional gloss and hardness
      • Wheels reinstalled and hand-torqued to factory specs

    CQuartz Fabric & Leather coating also available, starting at $395. Our two-layer application offers protection against dye transfer, stains, and liquids. Benefit from easy cleaning and high UV protection to ensure long-lasting beauty for your leather interior.

    If you are adding Paint Protection Film to this service, we will also apply CQuartz Professional to the film for increased gloss, slickness, and cleanability. Coatings are proven to work well with self-healing films as well.

  • Opti Coat Pro
    No longer available.
    Part of our success has come from working with manufacturers that hold their installers to high standards. This ensures that regardless of installer, you are guaranteed an excellent job from soneone that possesses the skills and experience to care for your vehicle in the best way possible. Additionally, we put faith that our suppliers will deliver consistent quality, but unfortunately this has not been our experience. As a responsibility to our customers, we must cut out variability in our products. For this reason we have stopped selling Opti Coat Pro. We feel that our experience with the CQuartz line of Professional Coatings has been superior in terms of gloss, durability, consistency, and support. After hundreds of installs, we are we are confident that the CQuartz line of Professional Coatings will meet and exceed your expectations

    Opti Coat Pro is a hard-wearing ceramic coating that comes with a 5 year warranty on new cars (and those up to 5 years old). Opti Coat Pro is chemically resistant and measures approximately 1-2 mils thick. It is very glossy and offers easy maintenance and washing. Opti Coat Pro is only available through select detailers around the world. Your service includes:

    • 2-step decontamination to paint, windows, wheels & tires
    • High speed gloss enhancing polish
    • Opti Coat Pro on all painted surfaces
    • Opti Coat Pro on all trim and textured exterior surfaces
    • Optimum warranty card
    • Complimentary follow-up wash.

    Optimum Fabric & Leather coatings also available, starting at $395. These coatings make your interior surfaces completely hydrophobic and resistant to stains. Leather interiors benefit from the resistance of dye transfer from coloured clothing.