Tesla Model S – New Car Protection Package

The owner of this brand new Tesla Model S came to us looking for the best paint protection he could find. We discussed his options and the qualities of each coating we offer. CQuartz Finest was his choice because he was looking for something that could give his black paint a gloss, clarity, and self-cleaning effect like no other.

Unfortunately, this Model S came from the factory with many paint defects such as swirl marks, scratches, buffer trails & holograms, and even some deep scratches! As a result, we performed a full paint correction to restore the paint to brand new condition, and then applied CQuartz Finest. The wheels were coated in a nanotechnology coating to ensure easy cleaning and protection, and the windows were coated with a super hydrophobic nanotechnology coating to enhance visibility in inclement weather. The results of our service were breathtaking, and our client was extremely happy.