Chevrolet Volt – New Car Protection Package

The owner of this Chevy Volt contacted us looking for a long-lasting durable coating that would make maintaining this soft black paint easier. The car came to us with a wide variety of paint defects that were from a couple of hand washes, and some holograms from factory polishing on the assembly line. We performed a full paint correction and applied Opti Coat Pro+, which is a newer and glossier version of Opti Coat Pro. As you can tell by the pictures, it is incredibly glossy!

We also protected the wheels and trims with CQuartz DLUX, and coated all interior leather surfaces with Opti Guard Leather Coating. The fabrics were also treated with a hydrophobic coating to help resist stains and make spills a breeze to clean. The windows received FlyByForte nano coating, including 3 layers on the front windshield.

We were very pleased with how this vehicle came out, and so was the owner. Now this Volt is protected and very easy to keep looking great.