Subaru WRX – New Car Protection Package + XPEL Ultimate

The owner of this WRX was referred to us by his neighbour who knew that we specialize in nano coatings and New Car Prep. We offer better performing products, better workmanship, and better prices than what most dealerships offer when you sign the papers. We meticulously look over the car, remove all plastics and pamper the car from top to bottom. Getting your ownership off on the right foot is important, especially when you’re buying a car that you love!

To avoid the risk of getting stone chips on his drive from Hamilton to Vaughan, he decided to have the car towed to our studio.

This gorgeous car was scheduled in for the following:
– CQuartz Finest New Car Protection Package (every exterior surface including the wheels receives a coating)
– XPEL Ultimate Self-healing paint protection film on hood, fenders, rockers, A pillars, roof, door cups, door edges

The end results were awesome. The flake literally appeared as though it was going to jump out of the paint!