Subaru BRZ – New Car Protection Package + XPEL + Vinyl Accents

This slightly used BRZ came to us for our New Car Protection Package with CQuartz Finest. We began by polishing the paint to a perfect finish, then applied two heavy coats of CQuartz Finest to all painted surfaces and textured plastics. We also applied CQuartz DLUX to all trims and mouldings, headlights, tail lights, exhaust tips and wheels. Forte Super hydrophobic coating applied to all windows, including 3 layers on the front windshield, for ultimate visibility in inclement weather.

Our partners from AMP Motorsports applied XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection film to the hood and front fenders. Avery Carbon Fibre vinyl was applied to the roof to give this BRZ a unique look.

The photos and video speak for themselves. Unparalleled gloss, protection and beauty.