Subaru WRX STI – Rejuvenation Package

There is a particular type of joy when cars like these come to our shops. Why? Because you know these cars have been used properly, driven every day and enjoyed! So when we get the chance to not only make the car look good, but in turn add to that ownership experience, we really take honour in the fact that our client chose us to transform their vehicle, and add some value to it.

As you can see by the photos, the transformation was quite dramatic. Aside from the typical wash-induced swirls, a dog had made its way on to the front end and left some pretty deep scratches. We carefully removed all traces, polished the paint to a very high gloss and protected it with CQuartz Class Nano-coating. Now his paint is protected for a minimum of two years and will retain this glossy look and ease of maintenance. In fact, our client followed up with us to say that he cannot believe how easy it is to wash his car now.