Rejuvenation Package + CQuartz Finest – Mazdaspeed Miata LS3 Powered

This is a very popular car in the Greater Toronto Area, owned by a very respected gentleman in the car enthusiast community. It’s popular because on top of being beautiful, it’s powered by a Corvette LS3 engine, making this extremely fast and nimble. It has won over 50 awards since being built by Flyin’ Miata in the US, and always draws a crowd at local car shows.

The owner was becoming concerned with the swirl marks in the paint taking away the true beauty of this rare Mazdaspeed-only colour. He also wanted something that would keep the car cleaner for longer, and make quick clean-ups at car shows a breeze. After doing hours of research he chose us because of our paint correction skills, and our certification as a CarPro Car Care Center, and CQuartz Finest installer. After a consultation we set up a corrective detail to the paint, and protection with not one, not two, but three coats of CQuartz Finest. Now this 11 year old paint is better than new, and protected for many years.

Be sure to keep your sunglasses handy at the next car show in the spring, because the finish is truly blinding in the sun. In fact, we had a difficult time capturing pictures in the sun for that very reason!

As always, we are your trusted choice for the most discerning car enthusiasts. We understand what it means to leave your pride and joy somewhere, and we take that very seriously.