Lamborghini LP650-4 – Rejuvenation Package & CQuartz UK

We performed this detail some time ago, but thought it would be nice to show our work, and show the realities of purchasing a brand new vehicle, no matter what it may cost. Being that this is a limited edition run car, specifically the 25th of 50 ever made, one would naturally expect the paint to be essentially perfect.

After taking delivery of this raging bull, the owner felt the paint was lacking a certain ‘wow’ factor. A happy client with a Ferrari 16M Scuderia referred the owner to us, after we worked our magic on his own vehicles. The paint required a multi-day service to ensure every possible paint defect was removed. We also detailed the interior due to the wax residue lodged into the buttons. A time consuming process, but quality does not rush!

After our intensive correction service, we coated the paint with CQuartz UK, an extremely durable but cost-friendly nano-ceramic coating for easy maintenance and excellent protection…not to mention that breath-taking gloss. Now it looks like a brand new car, fitting of the name – Lamborghini.