BMW M3 – Rejuvenation Package + CQuartz Finest + Headlight Resto

This lucky BMW M3 has been in our hands before – last year to be exact. At that time it received a Rejuvenation package + CQuartz UK, Finest’s little brother. Unfortunately the M3 was involved in a little accident a few months later, so it went to the body shop for repair. At the body shop, the car was improperly washed and polished resulting in holograms, swirl marks, and wash-induced marring. As you can see from the pictures, it wasn’t pretty considering the car was completely compounded & polished the year prior.

Nonetheless, this discerning client wanted the car redone, and coated with CQuartz Finest. It was interesting to note however, that the previous coating we installed actually held up and survived the assault at the body shop – a true testament to the quality of products we use. Check out the beading picture of the front passenger-side fender!

We also performed a much-needed headlight restoration on these tired 190,000km headlights. After multiple steps of sanding and polishing, we sealed the lights with a UV-inhibiting coating to ensure the lights do not fade. We also coated the windows with a Pro coating to enhance visibility in inclement weather.

The owner was very happy, and loves how easy it is to wash the car.